Drupal Modules/Themes

Drupal Themes | I adapt bare-bones themes such as Basic, Beginning, Austere and for this website Fusion (a 960px 16 column grid-based starter theme) and style the CSS and JavaScripts/JQuery myself.

Drupal Modules | Thanks to open-source developers, these are the modules I commonly employ:

  • Drupal Core
  • Calendar
  • CacheExclude
  • CCK_blocks
  • CCK
  • Contemplate
  • Content Taxonomy
  • cTools
  • Custom Breadcrumbs
  • Cumulus
  • Date
  • Exif
  • Feeds
  • FileField
  • Globalredirect
  • Devel
  • Image
  • ImageAPI
  • Imagefield
  • ImageCache
  • ImageCache Actions
  • JQueryUI
  • JQueryPlugin
  • Lightbox2
  • Link
  • NodeGallery
  • Fckeditor
  • Pathauto
  • Poormanscron
  • Quicktab
  • Skinr
  • Slider
  • Tagadelic
  • Tagedelic Views
  • Taxonomy Blocks
  • Taxonomy Image
  • Token
  • TVI
  • Views
  • Views Galleriffic
  • Viewsrotator
  • Vocabindex

A Digital Library: Leslie Jones Photography
The front page of the collection introduces Leslie Jones, who preferred thinking of himself as a "Camera Man", not a photojournalist. Its main features include both tagged browsing (standardized by the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials) as well as hierarchical category browsing (broken into Subject Series and Name Headings).

This work stems from my involvement in the digitization project spearheaded by Tom Blake of the Digital Re-production Studio of the Boston Public Library.  As an intern, I was involved in the creation of meta-data standards and especially the digital photography of over 8,000 of the 34,000 photographic plates that make up the collection. Leslie Jones was a photojournalist for the Boston Herald-Traveler active from 1917 to 1956. While the standards and digitization took place in the studio, this digital library was conceived and created on my own. There are still thousands of photos that require uploading to complete the collection.

Selecting a tag/category narrows the collection down to a gallery of pertinent images. Selecting these images leads to either a pop-out image browser, or a more detailed inspection of the image meta-data itself.
The meta-data about the object is presented beneath each image. Here, as well, the user has the option to click on the image to see a larger pop-out version.
Given the collection's size, an extensive index is provided for browsing each of the individual subject and name categories, or image tags. Shown here is how this index has been integrated with a faceted search.
The results of a faceted search therefore allows a user to narrow down their search terms with subject terms, name headings or tags.
Monica Charquero: Artist in Madrid, Spain
Monica's website opens with a menu overlaying a background image adapted from her own collection.

Monica Charquero is an artist both raised and educated in Montevideo, Uruguay, who for the past 10 years has lived and worked in Madrid, Spain. Her medium of choice is primarily that of oil and acrylic paint that often overlays tissues and/or paper in order to provide depth and volume. She sells her works as a street vendor, usually in front of museums such as the Museo de Reina Sofia and El Museo del Prado, both in Madrid. My role focused on giving her work a wider audience in the form of a gallery of her paintings, as well as pages that illustrate her career as an artist.

The gallery itself is organized by single-level categories of paintings. Hovering over each category brightens the image serving as its exemplar.
Once inside a category, the first image of the collection appears, flanked by other photos of her paintings in that category. This is a JavaScript menu adapted from the Views Galleriffic module.
The "bio" page illustrates the artist's curriculum vitae, an image of her in her studio ("taller"), and a listing of her expositions.  Within both the CV and the exposition page, are links that lead to galleries of those paintings presented in each exposition.
Heavy Croppings: Photography by Lars Strother
The initial welcome page is a randomized selection of images drawn from the artist's collection, with two image sizes presented for aesthetic effect.

Lars Strother is an academic in the visual sciences and a self-made artist. This site focuses on his exceptional collection of photography. One common theme underlying his work is the use of "heavy croppings," whereby photos may be cropped in unexpected ways and framed through the use of borders that illuminate different perspectives. This theme is often complemented through Macro-photography and a wide array of Gaussian blurs and image-softening techniques. The site was created to showcase this and future work through its organization in various galleries and slideshows.

There are two separate sections for images. The Gallery section (shown here), allows the artist to group and subgroup images. Users have two viewing options: a pop-out menu when clicking the image, or entry to another page that displays the image with its associated EXIF metadata.
Another section allows for the grouping of images that follow a common theme. Here, a JavaScript menu allows for viewing each image in the theme without reloading pages.
Additionally, a view-slider allows the artist to group images in slideshows.
This gallery has been created for the long-term use. Here, one sees the how the images are organized in an archive sorted by the date uploaded.
The Bardic Chair Northampton
The news highlights ongoing events and announcements of this community organization.

The Bardic Chair Northampton is a community organization in the United Kingdom funded by the Northampton Community Foundation. The organization specializes in bringing together spoken word artists from around the local Northamptonshire community to share their poetry and song in an open forum. The goal is to celebrate the power of storytelling and the spoken word with the intent of reinvigorating and nourishing community roots and sentiment. This website celebrates these spoken word artists by promoting their work, organizing their events and individual biographies, and serving as a forum for their ongoing organization.

While the Bardic Chair Northampton features many community events, special space is given to the Bardic Picnic, a community event that organizes the local community into a day of spoken word and song while picnicking on the green lawn at a local Abbey. Here, videos and audio recordings allows users to relive the picnic and the live performances it featured.
Special space is also given to a catalog of events and individuals (20+) who have performed at bardic chair events. This is space where pics and audio clips of the performer/event can be seen, as well as biographical information regarding each performer.
Each year the picnic is the venue where a spoken word competition is held, the winner of which takes on the role of "Bard of Northampton" for the following year (in line with the tradition of the Gorsedd in Wales). This is a form that allows interested parties to sign up to participate.
Jimtom...say? Performance-poet extraordinaire
The front page displays a photo of Jimom's band, a random footer of rotating photos from the image gallery, and a menu.

Jimtom Keith Thomas James is a performance poet from Northamtpon, England, where he has lived and performed for the past 30 years. This website brings to public view Jimtom's enormous canon of poetry, described by some as uniting the mystical and earthbound aspects of human existence. Jimtom specializes in the power of the spoken word and participates widely in bardic competitions throughout the UK, both on his own and with his band, known as "jimtom...say?".  The site presents his poetry in conjunction with both audio and video peformances around the UK.

Jimtom Keith Thomas James is introduced as a performance poet who has lived in Northampton and performed all across the UK for the past 30 years.
Highlighed especially is Jimtom's canon of poems, cataloged by decade.  When the poem has audio, this option is given through use of an integrated MP3 player. Each poem is linked with its respective video, also, if there is one.
Jimtom has also been the subject of video production with the help of local filmmaker Rob Farmer. This section introduces the members of Jimtom's band, jimtom...say?, and presents the videos for users to browse.
The Sparrow Song
The Sparrow Song

The Sparrow Song is the brainchild of Northampton, UK resident Oliver Caple. It began as the outlet for folk storytelling music for a 6 piece line-up band he was playing with in the summer of 2010. The project now stands as a musical time capsule of the Northampton music scene, with nearly 20 local musicians contributing their talents in this spectacular studio recording. For me, it was a chance to work with this talented and rich local music scene. The pages exhibit the songs themselves using SoundCloud recordings. The website is also the platform now for Oli's continued writings.

The Sparrow Song
The Sparrow Song
The Sparrow Song