Government Information

This is another paper I wrote for Dr. Thomas Martin, Professor Emertus of Information Studies at Syracuse University, for a course entitle "Telecommunications and Information Policy".

Data Breaches

This is a paper I wrote for Dr. Thomas Martin, Professor Emeritus of Information Policy at the Syracuse Unviersity School of Information Studies. The course was entitled: Telecommunications and Information Policy.
The paper is unpublished, and was written in August 2008.

Graphic design work: Flyers for The Bardic Picnic 2011, Northampton

I designed this flyer, the front side and the back side, for the 2011 annual Bardic Picnic, held in the market town of Northampton, UK.

The flyer says it all. It was an honor to work with this group.  I design the web page for this same organization, funded by the Northampton Community Foundation, found at:

Painting: My Abstraction

The fourth painting in the Hood Street series I've been painting here in Northampton, The Mounts, UK.

Report: Web classification of Digital Libraries using GATE Machine Learning

This is the report that accompanies the work I did in Machine Learning using GATE to discriminate Digital Library web sites from all other web content.  The presentation for the same work can be found here.

Web classification of Digital Libraries using GATE Machine Learning

This is the talk for a project completed for a graduate course on data mining at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. The professor was Howard Turtle, and he guided me in completing a project in text mining using the GATE software.

The talk has a twofold purpose: 1) to learn and teach my colleagues about the natural language processing suite known as GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering), especially with regards to its Machine Learning (ML) capabilities; and 2) to utilize the GATE architecture in order to classify web documents into two groups: those sites that function as digital library sites (DL) distinguished from all other non-digital library sites (non-DL).

I also wrote a paper discussing the natural language processing capabilities and the machine learning algorithms for web classification using GATE. The paper also discusses the details and results of the studies completed in more detail.

Additionally, I will be attending a training course to become an Advanced GATE Certified Text Analyst from May 16 to 20 within the University of Sheffield's Computer Science Department.

Painting: Man at table

This is another painting in a series I've been working on here in Hood Street, Northampton, UK.

A photoshop mock-up of a hypothetical history website

Here is a Photoshop mock-up of a history website I conceptualized.  Really, this work illustrates some of my abilities using Photoshop CS4 on a MacBook Pro.  Many companies utilize these mock-ups as the information architecture they present to clients before developing the xHTML/CSS schematics of the site in question.

While I usually just design a website without a mock-up, I figured I needed practice in developing my skills in information architecture. The next step would be to develop a work-flow of this product and the links contained within it.

The Semantic Web in Digital Libraries: A Literature Review

This is a project in a class on Digital Asset Creation and Management at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.The literature review found in this study can also be found on my network in Mendeley in the group "The Semantic Web in Digital Libraries".

An Interview with Christine Madsen: Digital Librarian and Academic

This is an interview with Christine Madsen, who is currently finishing her Ph.D. at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).  I met Christine while living in the UK, and she was happy to both introduce me to the OII and field questions for this article. The article was in fulfillment of a class on digitization methods at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

Painting: Pigeon on a balcony

This is the first of a series of paintings I'm doing here in Northampton, UK.

Comparing Digital Libraries: Five criterion for comparison

This is another assignment from Jian Qin's graduate seminar on Digital Libraries at Syracuse University School of Information Studies. In it, I develop five (5) distinct criterion for comparing digital libraries, then proceed to make the comparisons in a systematic way.  Indeed, I personally feel the criterion I developed are more useful than those proposed by Saracevic (2005) and Choudhury (2002), though this model I will neither test, nor believe such kinds of models of better/worse criterion are particularly useful, other than excercises in thought.

Painting: Dog in kitchen

It has been about a year or two, but I've started oil painting again. This is one I did last month.  Over the next few weeks, I'll upload five or six more oil paintings, some of which I've done here in Northampton, UK, others I've done in Madrid, Spain.

Disruptive Technologies: Prediction or just a set of recommendations?

This is a paper I wrote for a class in Information Management given by Dave Dischiave of the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. Theories of management, to me, are quite basic and theoretically circular. This paper illustrates how what management specialists call "prediction" here is both faulty and quite misleading.