digital libraries

The Semantic Web in Digital Libraries: A Literature Review

This is a project in a class on Digital Asset Creation and Management at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.The literature review found in this study can also be found on my network in Mendeley in the group "The Semantic Web in Digital Libraries".

Comparing Digital Libraries: Five criterion for comparison

This is another assignment from Jian Qin's graduate seminar on Digital Libraries at Syracuse University School of Information Studies. In it, I develop five (5) distinct criterion for comparing digital libraries, then proceed to make the comparisons in a systematic way.  Indeed, I personally feel the criterion I developed are more useful than those proposed by Saracevic (2005) and Choudhury (2002), though this model I will neither test, nor believe such kinds of models of better/worse criterion are particularly useful, other than excercises in thought.

The Discovery Project & the Semantic Web

The Discovery Project is a web portal containing digitized multi-lingual philosophical documents. It is made up of two components:

  1.    Philosource: the digital libraries
  2.    Philospace: a P2P network of updated semantic annotations of Philosource

The Einstein Archives Online

The Einstein Archives Online is sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Princeton University Press and the California Institute of Technology. It brings together more than 40,000 documents in the collection of Albert Einstein, plus an additional 30,000 documents classified as Einstein-related.

The site is very simple, clean and dedicated to a single topic.

The David Rumsey Map Collection

The David Rumsey Map Collection is a production of Cartography Associates. The establishment was founded in 1996 by David Rumsey, who is also the director of Luna Imaging, a software enterprise system for managing online images. Rumsey's collection of maps stems from 1980 and is one of the largest private collections in the United States.

Review: Arizona Memory Project

In looking for directories of different digital library sites, I came across the “Arizona Memory Project.” I chose to write about this project as it both attracted me in its organization and usability, while also leaving many aspects that in my opinion could be easily improved. It is a digital library of images, text and sound. I'll mostly be referring to its images, as that is the medium I explored most.