June 2011

Qualified as an Advanced GATE Certified Text Analyst

In May I attended the GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) training course.  I attended the advanced Track 3 and Track 4.

  • Track 1: Introduction to GATE and Text Mining

    • Module 1: Introduction to GATE Developer: GATE's application development
    • Module 2: Information Extraction and ANNIE: Our open-source IE system
    • Module 3: Introduction to JAPE: GATE's powerful rule-writing engine
    • Module 4: GATE Teamware: Web-based Collaborative Annotation Environment

  • Track 3: Advanced GATE

    • Module 9: Semantic Annotation with GATE
    • Module 10: Advanced GATE Applications: complex applications, writing
      multilingual IE, business intelligence, evaluation
    • Module 11: Machine Learning with GATE
    • Module 12: Sentiment Analysis

  • Track 4: Semantic Technology

    • Module 13: Semantic Technology and Linked Open Data: Basics, Tools, and Applications

To become GATE Certified, one has to pass at least 3 modules, and to become GATE Advanced Certified, you have to pass at least 6 modules. I've now passed all 7 of the modules I have taken, qualifying me with the title of GATE Advanced Text Analyst of GATE Version 6.2.

My name will soon appear on GATE's Hall of Fame.